Operational Risk Asia - Day one

08:30 Registration
09:25 Opening remarks

Alexander Campbell, Divisional content editor, Risk.net

09:30 Keynote address: The digital impact on operational risk
  • How is the operational risk framework changing as digitization is becoming embedded in a retail banking strategy?
  • Key digital risks facing financial institutions
  • How are digital innovations reducing operational risk?
  • Mapping digital risks to a retail process universe
  • Integrate digital risks in gross and residual risk assessments

Jaap van der Molen, Global Head, Digital Banking Risk & Controls, Standard Chartered Bank

10:00 Preparing for and reducing operational risk losses
  • How do you effectively identify, assess, measure and manage operational risk events
  • Assessing emerging risks and how they can impact the OpRisk function
  • Best practices and techniques in gauging exposures and vulnerabilities
  • Establishing a strong risk appetite and setting appropriate KRIs

Efe Cummings, Head of Operational Risk, Nomura

11:00 Morning coffee break
11:30 A review of the evolving operational risk function
  • How can the operational risk function become embedded in your firm's overall business strategies?
  • Obtaining a thorough understanding of new technologies and tools used in the risk space
  • What tools and best practices help your organisation identify your top risks in both a bottom up and top down process?
  • Do emerging technologies and the increased role of cyber security have impact on your team and the required staff skillsets?easure and manage operational risk events

Claudia Marcusson, Head of Risk Management APAC ex-Japan, NN Investment Partners

12:30 Lunch
13:30 Making whistleblowing work in financial services
  • Understanding the regulatory landscape
  • Key aspects of whistleblowing policies
  • Do's and don'ts of whistleblowing in practice

Kirsten Trott, Executive Director, Speaking Up, Standard Chartered Bank

14:30 How to effectively interpret and adopt the latest OpRisk regulations
  • How is the current SMA proposal impacting operational risk capital?
  • Overview of the latest on IFRS 9 and Basel IV regulations
  • Pillar 3 disclosure requirements; Regulatory treatment of accounting provisions
  • Examining IT infrastructure challenges as they pertain to regulatory compliance

Bharan Guntupalli, Head of Operational Risk and Enterprise Risk, HDFC Bank

15:30 Afternoon coffee break
16:00 Managing rogue trading risk
  • Past incidents and what we have learned
  • Setting up an effective control framework
  • Determining the right metrics and alerts
  • Role of culture and conduct in minimising the risk

Yusuf Yasin, Director Operational Risk - Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank

17:00 End of day one

Operational Risk Asia - Day two

08:30 Registration
09:25 Opening remarks

Alexander Campbell, Divisional content editor, Risk.net

09:30 Analysing the SMA vs. AMA and the latest developments
  • Without uniform data standards being enforced as it pertains to loss data, can SMA capital figures be comparable industry wide?
  • What impact could the SMA not catering for expected future operational risk losses have?
  • Is it possible we could end up with separate, geographic-specific iterations of the SMA? What could this look like?
  • What is the purpose of operational risk capital requirements in the first place

Emile Dunand, Head of Operational Risk Capital & Advisory, Credit Suisse

10:30 Operational risk scenarios: a next generation model already at work!
  • The Exposure, Occurrence and Impact methodology
  • Modelling the loss generation mechanism and identifying drivers
  • Application to capital measurement, stress tests, and risk management
  • Detailed example in fraud and conduct risks

Patrick Naim, CEO, Elseware

11:30 Morning coffee break
12:00 What's the role of scenario analysis in a post-AMA world
  • What does scenario analysis look like under the SMA?
  • Examining the value of using scenario analysis for risk management as opposed to risk capital
  • How can we use the latest in data capturing technology to aid in mitigating risk?
  • How can we improve our understanding of exposures, controls and mitigants?

Stuart Williams, Senior Manager, Operational Risk - Asia Markets, ANZ

13:00 Lunch
14:00 Delivering an effective conduct risk culture
  • What are the main drivers of conduct risk?
  • Focusing on changing employee behaviours and examining how we got here in the first place
  • Evaluating the way major banks approach conduct risk
  • As conduct risk is a behavioural issue, are there any metrics that can aid in its calculation or prevention?

Christoph Michel, Managing Director, Chief Risk Officer, Natixis

15:00 Panel Discussion: Preventing catastrophe in the face of organisational change
  • Management techniques in the face of desk restructuring and internal risk transfer processes due to Basel regulations
  • Examining the importance of adopting processes that allow for and encourage fintech innovation
  • Preventing market abuse and fraud when strategic changes pressure front-office staff to push for higher revenues
  • How to retain talented staff, especially in areas where specialised resources in the industry can be limited

Alexander Campbell
, Divisional content editor, Risk.net

Matt Maddocks
, Senior Operational Risk and Compliance Executive, ANZ
Bharan Guntupalli, Head of Operational Risk and Enterprise Risk, HDFC Bank
Gaitri Sharma Darshan Kumar, Director, Regional Head of Operational Risk Management, CIMB

16:00 Afternoon coffee break
16:15 Interactive Session: How to rob a bank in 2017

In a traditional bank heist, preparation and planning is everything. Arranging the right tools, insider information, timing, target, plan-B and get-away-car was of essence. Not much has changed in that sense, a cyber-heist requires similar preparation. This session will allow all conference attendees to jointly prepare a cyber-heist; the results of which will likely be surprising to all involved.

Willem Hoekstra, Head of Business Continuity Management, Asia ex Japan, Nomura

17:15 End of day two

Tech Risk Asia - Day three

08:30 Registration
09:25 Opening remarks

Alexander Campbell, Divisional content editor, Risk.net

09:30 Disruptive banking technologies - convenient or a compromise to risk?
  • What are some of the critical operational risk issues that have arisen from digital disruption?
  • Does convenience and ease of use for customers create compromises to security?
  • What role does operational risk play in payment apps and alternative banking channels?
  • What is the risk appetite development process like with new technologies such as AI, blockchain and big data?

Alexander Campbell, Divisional content editor, Risk.net

Matt Maddocks
, Senior Operational Risk and Compliance Executive, ANZ
Claudia Marcusson, Head of Risk Management APAC ex-Japan, NN Investment Partners
Simon Goo, Executive Director, Head of Group Risk Analytics, UOB

10:30 The challenging but necessary integration of cyber and operational risk
  • What is cyber risk?
  • Digitisation and disruption with emerging technologies
  • Increase in attack surfaces
  • Definition of cyber attack
  • Cyber threat landscape
  • Holistic cyber risk management

Felicia Ong, APAC Head of Technology Risk - ORM, Credit Suisse

11:30 Morning coffee break
12:00 Should we pay the ransom?

Loss of data, downtime, reputational risk... For the past few months, ransomware infections are on the rise. The recent WannaCry worldwide cyber-attack damage cost was estimated to 1Bn USD. This presentation will discuss the latest ransomware attacks, as well as the best practices organisations can put in place to defend themselves.

Pierre-Olivier Blu-Mocaer, Managing Director, FixSing Consulting

12:45 Lunch
13:45 Establishins an effective data governance framework
  • Why data governance?
  • Best practices and principles in establishing an effective data governance framework
  • Understanding the key components and metrics in managing data

Deepika Bal, Managing Director, Head of Franchise Risk Architecture, Citi

14:45 Outsourcing your risks to the cloud

The last few years has seen a proliferation of companies moving their assets to the cloud. Have we just transferred the risk to an even larger medium? Using the cloud technologies has led the regulators and governments to enforce tighter controls, hence the release of new and updated regulatory requirements. We will look into what, how and when to use and apply the regulations in the cloud.

Manish Chawda, Partner, Pragma Singapore

15:45 Afternoon coffee break
16:00 Looking ahead to emerging operational risks in the technology landscape
  • Technology and cybersecurity landscape
  • Cyber risk relating to use of technology that routinely bypass risk assessment
  • Emerging technologies and what they will mean over the next decade

Sunny Toh, Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

17:00 End of conference