2019 Conference programme

Conference Day 1 - 28 May, 2019




Conference Chair opening remarks

June Crawford, Head of Singapore Chapter, INSTITUTE OF OPERATIONAL RISK


Keynote address: The digital impact on operational risk


Presentation: Operational risk pitfalls – how to prevent and avoid them?

  • What are the top 5 operational risk pitfalls in 2019?
  • Importance of operational resilience - integral part of a firm’s overall strategy
  • Identifying the key building blocks for constructing enterprise-wide operational resilience




Panel discussion: Conduct Risk Modelling – what works and what doesn’t?

  • Identifying good conduct, compliance and risk management practices at a strategic level
  • Understanding the current conduct regulation climate in Asia 
  • Allocating resources to achieve balance between meeting the demands of regulation and effective risk management whilst being on top of costs
  • Identifying strong control, governance, training and a risk management processes to ensure corporate conduct and compliance is in place
  • Lessons learned from conduct failures in the past

Urban Wilde
, Regional Chief Risk Officer, EFG BANK
Venkatesh Subbaraman, Regional Chief Operating Officer, Institutional Banking, ANZ
Cherie Chan, Group Head, Risk Management Group - Operational Risk, DBS BANK




Panel discussion: Utilising advanced technologies for AML detection and prevention

  • Moving from a rule led to an intelligence-led AML detection system - Mining unconventional transaction patterns 
  • Best practices for connecting the technical aspects of AML with people and process risks for better monitoring and control
  • Accessing automated transaction screening and monitoring solutions and understanding how current cyber risk management frameworks monitor, respond and investigate
  • Regulating and promoting increased information sharing between financial institutions – could this also be seen as an alternative solution?

Praveen Jain
, Head of Financial Crime Compliance, STANDARD CHARTERED
Jawad Latif, Principal Auditor - Anti Financial Crime/Compliance, DEUTSCHE BANK
Richard Carrick, Regional Head Financial Crime Assurance (APAC), BARCLAYS


Presentation: Effective data governance and analytics to gain competitive advantage 

  • Keeping up with the growing demands for quicker and more detailed risk intelligence
  • How advanced risk analytics effectiveness can be enhanced when internal data is supplemented by external data? 
  • Identifying tools to support massive amounts of structured and unstructured operational data




Panel discussion: Risk data analytics – the most talked about

  • Latest trends on data analytics – data exploration, segmentation, statistical clustering, predictive modelling, event simulation as well as scenario analysis
  • Monitor performance through risk sensitivity analysis, model key risk events scenarios – the most risk intelligent method in developing intervention and mitigation strategies?
  • Leveraging machine learning and data analytics for advanced risk detection and prevention
  • Regulating data analytics with stress testing as a tool for systemic risk

Simon Goo, Executive Director Head, Risk Analytics, UOB
Martin Leo, Managing Director, Regional Head of Technology Business Controls, STATESTREET


Interactive session: Business continuity and disaster recovery in operational risk

PART I: Scenario dissection and strategising
Participants will be introduced to an unfolding operational risk scenario and asked to consider the immediate steps they would advise their firm to take based on the information available at each stage

PART II: Harvest sessionPART I: Scenario dissection and strategising
Each host will summarise their discussion and present it back to the table participants with comments

Learning outcomes:

  • What immediate actions would you advise your firm to conduct in the scenario?
  • What is the role of the 1st and 2nd lines of defence in this situation?
  • How do you measure and assess the impact of the disaster on your firm?
  • What are you crisis management protocols? 
  • What are the best practices in business continuity strategy, both from an employee and an infrastructure standpoint?



Conference Day 2 -29 May, 2019




Panel discussion: Strengthening cyber risk management and resilience to mitigate the ongoing threat landscape

  • Challenges in developing a cyber-risk management approach within a bank
  • How is the management of cyber risks evolving in the face of a persistent and growing threat
  • How to apply scenario based analysis and how this can work within a banking risk framework.
  • Tools to effectively support massive amounts of structured and unstructured operational data
  • Grey areas for cyber risk policies and data privacy -  a new challenge

Neil Robinson
, Managing Director, Information Security & Cyber Risk, STANDARD CHARTERED
Felicia Ong, APAC Head of Technology Risk, CREDIT SUISSE


Cyber risk war games

With the advancement of technology cyber-attacks on financial institutions have been one of the most problematic issues for enterprises. Though investing on technologies can effectively prevent large numbers of cyber risk attacks, however, some incidents will escalate into significant business crises. Even with well-documented response plans, few organizations are sufficiently prepared. Because the threat landscape changes rapidly, responses cannot be perfectly scripted.

Here in this session we will simulate a real life cyber risk attack. Midway during the exercise, there will be an added challenge. This will test Operational Risk Heads and Managers in groups will be asked to actively think on their feet and come up with a plan to counter these challenges. Group leaders will present all findings on stage.




Practical application of AI and ML in operational risk while balancing innovation with security

  • Auditing AI and Machine Learning outcomes
  • Strategic partnerships and use of data
  • Implementing AI in a proper and managed way whilst satisfying duty to customers
  • Ethical considerations: Should AI be reading into personal life
  • How algorithms interact with other algorithms

Simon Goo
, Executive Director Head, Risk Analytics, UOB




Presentation: Reviewing the risk of vendor and third party risk to effectively monitor and manage all outsourced activity

  • Understanding vendor and third party risk 
  • Monitoring and managing the relationship in an operational risk framework
  • Formulating an effective end-to-end risk assessment framework
  • Risk assessments techniques – is this vendor right for you?
  • Managing objectives expectations and requirements of third parties

Martin Leo, Managing Director, Regional Head of Technology Business Controls, STATESTREET


Presentation: Talent risk in Asia – rising concerns?  

  • Addressing challenges in attracting and retaining talent in financial industry
  • Understand how talent and risk interact — how will talent and risk impact organization’s ability to achieve business goals
  • What has been and can be done to retain talent – can this be done via training and developing employees





Round-table discussions: Bring your questions, leave with your answers!

From session to round-table - Take the day's most contentious issues and fully engage with your peers in small interactive roundtable discussions to drill down, share best practice and take away diverse approaches to the same challenge from your fellow industry peers.